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Offshore accounts in foreign banks

More and more entrepreneurs are studying the possibility of opening accounts in foreign banks. Offshore financial structures are favorable by interest rates, foreign exchange transactions regulations, the requirements to accounting and tax systems. And the risks are much lower than in the national systems.

Opening an account in offshore jurisdiction is a procedure that requires knowledge of all details of the selected state, and it is not easy to understand them without the help of experts. The company "Prifinance" provides support at all stages of the procedure. Experienced, qualified specialists are well versed in the peculiarities of offshore legislation, and will help the customer:

  • to choose the jurisdiction and the specific banking institution in Singapore, Cyprus, Switzerland, Latvia and so on;
  • to determine what type of account you need: operating (suitable for trading), savings (it will help to preserve and multiply funds) or investment;
  • to compile and draw up the documentation package: to confirm address, the source of funds (if necessary);
  • to receive final documets, bank cards etc.

  • The customer is required only to provide passport (domestic, foreign) and basic information - we provide support including its collection.

    Consulting company "Prifinance" offers its customers professional assistance in opening and maintaining business. We will register your company outside Russia, will help to open an offshore account, to optimize tax payments, to obtain residence permit – the range of services is very wide. Cooperating with the “Prifinance" experts you are guaranteed to get professional help and recommendations to make your business efficient and which you will be able to put into practice immediately.

    For what purposes may you need to open account in foreign bank

    International relations, globalization of the economy, the development of tourism and other objective processes have led to the need to organize the system of cashless payments. Because of this there is a need to open bank accounts. This can be done not only at home country but also abroad. Opening accounts in foreign banks is one of the main strategic directions of the "Prifinance" activities. We will help you to select the optimum jurisdiction, to collect documents and get a positive decision from the financial institution.

    Accounts in foreign banks will help to adjust foreign trade, will make it possible to pay for imports without currency conversion and foreign exchange control, to interact with any countries thanks to the developed system of correspondent relations, and so on.


    To open offshore bank account in Europe cooperating with the “Prifinance” is quite easy. For example, banks of Cyprus allow to do it remotely. The management is accomplished through Internet-banking, fax, mobile telephone. The account owner can get bank cards in foreign currencies.


    This is one of the major financial and, in particular, banking centers of the world. It has accumulated about 30% of global capital. Financial and credit institutions offer a wide range of services, release various transactions with correspondents from around the world. In the country banking secrecy is being complied, there are loyal laws for foreigners.

    Hong Kong

    This is another major center of capital concentration where you may open a bank account with the support of "Prifinance". International credibility, stability of the banking system, excellent service and advantageous location stimulate foreigners to be served in Hong Kong. It has the 9th position in the world in terms of foreign trade operations. According to experts, this is the best financial market in the world.


    Opening accounts in foreign banks is a very common procedure in Latvia. There are attractive conditions created here, in particular, it guarantees confidentiality. Latvia Banks attract by their stability, low commissions and favorable deposit rates. If necessary, you can get advice from Russian-speaking officers.


    When choosing the country to open a bank account the businessmen take into consideration many factors: the development of banking system, peculiarities of foreign exchange control, disclosure requirements, and so on. Analyzing them many clients stop their choice on Seychelles. This island state with developed banking system is included in the list of the most favorable jurisdictions for opening offshore accounts. Seychelles may attract foreign capital thanks to loyal legislation, wide range of banking services and the availability of developed network of correspondent relations. In local banks foreigners can open not only current, but also other accounts (demand, deposit accounts) to get debit and bank cards.

    Seychelles is one of those states the specifics of which is very familiar to “Prifinance" specialists. We will support the opening of any account and selecting the most suitable institution. Our experts take into account the specifics of firm activities, customer requirements, reliability of financial and credit institutions, terms and options for opening, maintenance of account. Acting in the interests of customers we are creating a solid foundation for business development, entry of companies into the international markets, increase of their credibility for partners and creditors.

    Advantages of cooperation with “Prifinance”

    Our specialists have the experience and knowledge necessary to support clients at all stages of access to international markets. We will help you to carry on business and make cashless payments in one of foreign jurisdictions that will give you clear benefits:

    • • Confidentiality. Details about contributions, amounts of financial income and funds flow is a bank secrecy. Clients will not be obliged to disclose it.
    • • Profitable terms. Commissions are small and account opening procedure in case of correct preparation and submission of documents is simple (“Prifinance" officers will undertake it). Foreign banks do not impose strict requirements to the turnover, balances; in most jurisdictions, there is no foreign exchange control.
    • • Protection from economic and financial risks. Choosing a stable bank customers protect themselves against inflation risk, exchange rate fluctuations and capital losses.
    • “Prifinance” specialists will provide professional approach, prompt response to the customers’ requests and full compliance with law.

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